Bibliographies on Chinese history and culture

Except for the bibliography "Protest and dissent in traditional China" (which is closed and only available as a Winword file), the other bibliographies are updated irregularly and are available in the normal WWW format. They are work-in-progress, geared to my personal research and teaching. They all deal with different aspects of Chinese culture and history. Links may be outdated.

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On using the Internet for scholarly purposes
Annotated Bibliographies on Violence and Literacy:
A research guide for the study of Chinese religious culture:
Annotated bibliographies for the study of Chinese religious culture.

On using the Internet for scholarly purposes

      Some words of caution are in place at this point concerning Internet resources. One should not be misled by the semblance of perfection that often radiates from beautifully designed webpages. The esthetics of such webpages are often in an inverted relationship to their quality. Generally speaking, any resource is as good as its author(s) and as up-to-date as the energies of the author(s) allow. Only too often, resources are placed in the Internet and then not maintained. Also, there are too many collections of links without comments on the quality of the websites to which a link is provided. Increasingly,  I am starting to feel that materials in the Internet are in fact often of less quality than traditional publications. One reason for this may well be that quality control in the sense of peer reviews (both preceding publication in print and afterwards in the form of critical book reviews) is virtually lacking. The Internet would profit from more critical self-reflection.
       Do not forget that the age-old paper format allows for easier reference whilst doing something else, since one can spread sheets of paper out on one's bed or desk, open up many books at the same time, etc. etc. Therefore, one should use the Internet as a potentially wonderful medium for making one's own resources available and using other people's resources, without relying on it exclusively. (Addendum, 2-9-2018) Although I wrote these wise words two decades ago, it seems still true today--at least for me personally. Since then I have acquired thousands of digital books on my external harddisks, and yet even with two computer screens I need to have paper resoures available as well. It must be my generation, since my (grown up and now university trained) children are increasingly comfortable with using their smart phone as a dictionary and so on.

Annotated Bibliographies on Violence and Literacy

A Researchguide for the study of Chinese religious culture

Annotated bibliographies for the study of Chinese religious culture