Part Three


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Last update: 20-1-2013

I have maintained this site actively from late 1999 until 2004. It was always intended as a service to the field when little serious reseach had been done. Sadly it was moved around several times by my previous employer, causing even internal links to become unreliable. Since several major publications (by Ownby, Penny and Palmer, to mention a few) have now appeared, I have used the occasion of my move to Oxford to edit the bibliography, dropping most references to unpublished materials and adding more up-to-date literature.

On the Boxers: On new religious groups: On the Falun Gong:

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Chinese studies (not systematically collected)

On religious feelings in the PRC:

On Qigong:

It is important to look at Qigong movements in general. Even though Falun Gong is not merely yet another a Qigong movement, Qigong movements and the Falun Gong and traditional " new religious groups/movements" do have much in common in their approach to illness as a desequilibrium in the microcosmic balance that can be helped by redressing this balance. The main difference is the additional  Buddhist etiology and value system  of the Falun gong.

See the on-line bibliography on religious culture on the mainland in the twentieth century that I am presently compiling for more references on Qigong movements,  "Towards a bibliography of works and passages on religious life in mainland China in the twentieth century (Republican China [before 1949] and the PRC)."

On PRC State control of religion: On the state and new religious groups ("sects", "cults"):


PRC propaganda against the Falun gong


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